25 August, 2019

Address of the President of the Constitutional Court of Georgia at the Event dedicated to the Constitution Day

The Judges of the Constitutional Court of Georgia participated in the Reception dedicated to the Constitution Day of Georgia, which was held at the Presidential Palace of Georgia.  The event was attended by the Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Prime Minister, other high officials of the state bodies and constitutionalists.   

President of the Constitutional Court of Georgia addressed the guests gathered at the Presidential Palace with a speech and congratulated the citizens of Georgia on the 24th Anniversary of the Constitution. Mr. Zaza Tavadze focused attention on the development of the constitutional process in Georgia, which dates back to announcement of the Democratic Republic of Georgia and continues until now.

“The Supreme Law of our country adopted in 1995 is based on the Constitution of Georgia of 1921, in which the experience of the world constitutionalism and common national origins were reasonably incorporated. Unfortunately, the first Georgian Constitution, due to Soviet occupation and further annexation, actually failed to enter into force. Despite of its progressiveness, it slightly contributed to strengthening of the legal traditions of the country. Relevantly, acting Constitution of 1995 serves as a legal framework for the democratic development of Georgia.  The Constitution of August 24,1995 laid basis for the development of the Georgian State, returning our country to the liberal-democracy origins.

In parallel to formation of the governance model of the State and Human Rights and Liberties, the Constitution itself defined basic directions for the development of our country. In particular, core principles and values of the Constitution of Georgia proclaimed in the Preamble “Democratic social order, economic freedom, a rule-of-law and a social state, to secure universally recognized human rights and freedoms, to enhance state independence and peaceful relations with other peoples,” represents a basis for contemporary liberal-democratic state.

Constitutional Court of Georgia represents one of the key guarantors for securing the Constitution of Georgia, with its principal aim of respecting supremacy of the Constitution.  From today prospect, we can say proudly   that the Constitutional Court of Georgia is a state body oriented to respect the Constitution and Law of the state. Since the day of foundation, many landmark decisions were taken by the Constitutional Court of Georgia, having had a significant impact on the legal system of the Country and contributed to improving individual rights.  The Constitutional Court of Georgia succeeded in becoming a fair, unbiased and authoritarian state body, with its main activity of securing constitutional order and fundamental rights.

Today, on the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of Georgia, a new edge of development is faced by our State. I would like to once again congratulate on the Day of the Constitution of Georgia and wish that progress and development of Georgia to continue together with the aims of the Supreme Law of our country.