Closing Reception of 2022

Closing Reception of 2022

The closing reception of the year was held in the Constitutional Court of Georgia, as part of which President of the Constitutional Court presented the annual report of the Constitutional Court in 2022. The event was attended by the chairperson of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, members of the government, the mayor of Batumi, representatives of the academic field, media and international organisations, as well as judges and staff of the Constitutional Court.

President Prof. Dr. Merab Turava noted that 2022 was particularly fruitful for the Constitutional Court. This year, the Constitutional Court adopted up to 110 acts, out of which, the Constitutional Court concluded proceedings in 73 cases, which is a high rate compared to previous years; namely, the Constitutional Court issued 19 final judgements, as well as 34 recording notices and 54 rulings. President of the Constitutional Court indicated that the Court will continue its active work next year in order to consider and resolve current cases in a timely manner.

President of the Constitutional Court noted that the beginning of 2022 was tragic and shocking for our region, as well as for the whole world, due to the initiation of large-scale military aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which unfortunately continues to this day. In order to express solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people, the Constitutional Court communicated with its fellow judges in Ukraine, as well as with the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Georgia. As a token of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the judges and staff of the Constitutional Court made a financial donation to the specially created account of the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia.

The present year was also productive in terms of international relations and public communication. After an almost two-year pause caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2022 several international working visits were made by judges and staff members of the Constitutional Court, which is important for deepening bilateral and multilateral relations and sharing experiences.

President of the Constitutional Court drew attention to the court's active cooperation with international donor organisations, with the support of which the court implements various successful projects. In particular, with the financial participation of the “Implementation of Judicial Reform” project co-financed within the framework of the EU and Council of Europe joint program "Partnership for Good Governance II" and the "Rule of Law Program" financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this year the Constitutional Court organised its annual summer school, held 14th times this year. Within the framework of the project, European and American professors visited the Constitutional Court and delivered lectures to Georgian students.

In 2022, the Constitutional Court of Georgia was visited by international delegations, ambassadors accredited to Georgia and foreign professors; among them, President of the European Court of Human Rights, Mr. Robert Spano, the delegation of the European Parliament, as well as the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Prof. Dr. Merab Turava noted that next year the Constitutional Court of Georgia plans to organise the XXIII International Congress of European and Comparative Constitutional Law, as part of which chairpersons and members of European Constitutional Courts and relevant institutions, as well as judges of the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union and other high-ranking delegates will visit Georgia.

In addition, President of the Constitutional Court drew attention to the direction of publishing activities of the Constitutional Court. Another issue of "Constitutional Law Journal" was published this year. It is significant that the composition of the editorial board of the journal was renewed, as a result of which several prominent Georgian and foreign scholars and researchers from Europe and the United States of America were added to the board. A representative editorial board will raise the authority of the publication and provide a better opportunity, on the one hand, for Georgian authors to present their works to the international community, and on the other hand, will ensure Georgian readers’ access to the works of many internationally recognised scholars and practitioners.

At the end, Prof. Dr. Merab Turava thanked the office of the Adjara government, the representatives of the Batumi City Hall and the State Protection Special Service for their support in the implementation of events at the local level.

President of the Constitutional Court also thanked the judges and the personnel of the Constitutional Court for their fruitful work in 2022 and congratulated the audience on the forthcoming New Year and Christmas.